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After years of development, Victoria Amplifier Co is proud to announce their new Sovereign amplifier. The Sovereign is Victoria’s first head only design, and it’s engineered to be the most soulful versatile JTM45 style amp available.

Controls are:

  • GAIN
  • BASS

With the gain control set at minimum, the amp behaves like a non master volume JTM45 style amplifier. Turn the volume up and it gets progressively louder and more aggressive. Increasing the gain control gradually drives the EF86 input tube into clipping which produces a rich harmonically complex distorted performance. The EF86 is a very dynamic small signal pentode that acts like a miniature EL34 electronically when driven.

This results in an unusually big, complex tone that actually sounds like an EL34 being pushed–in the preamp! The Sovereigns’ design eliminates the microphonic tendencies associated with typical high gain EF86 circuits. The resonance control acts to fine tune the bass response to optimize the Sovereigns use with either open or closed back speaker cabinets. A half power switch is standard, and it effectively cuts the power from 50W to 25W without altering the basic tone and character of the amp.

There is also a tunable post tone stack effects loop with adjustable send and return controls. The adjustable send and return allows for the fine tuning of any effect inserted into the loop. With nothing plugged in, the loop may be used for additional gain boost and tone shaping. It may also be used as a power amp slave in or preamp out. Switchable impedance 4-8-16Ω.

The Sovereign is shipped with a pair of Mullard EL34 power tubes but it can be operated with 6L6 and KT66 as well. The bias is adjustable and is easily accessible inside the chassis.

Tube compliment: 1 X GZ34; 2 X EL34; 1 X 12AT7; 2 X 12AX7; 1 X EF86


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