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In 2001, I finally relented, and we began to build amps with reverb and tremolo. The response to the introduction of the Victoriette and Victorilux by our customers and reviewers has been overwhelming, but not merely because we know how to do reverb and trem. Granted, we researched many of the classic circuits, lifting some of Leo’s genius from the brown and blackface era amps. I also indulged in my long-standing appreciation for the EL84 power tube, which I felt had not been given proper attention by companies bent on simply knocking off a Vox.

  • 45 watts of power
  • Reverb and Tremelo
  • Standard Covering: Cocoa Levant Tolex/Wheat Grill
  • Tubes: 1-5AR4, 2-6L6 or 4-EL84, 3-12AX7, 1-12AT7
  • Speaker choices: 3×10″ Eminence Legend, 2×12″  Eminence OEM, 1×15″ Eminence Legend
  • Cabinet Size(HxWxD) and Weight:

3×10: 23”x24”x10.5” (52.5 lbs.)
2×12: 19.25”x26.75”x10.5” (53 lbs.)
1×15: 21”x24.5”x10.5” (52 lbs.)

2-12″ Victoria OEM speakers $2,999.00
3-Eminence 1058 speakers $3,049.00
1-15″ Emience speaker $3,049.00
Head Only $2,949.00



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